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Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK001K1 Watch
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Tissot T-My Lady Automatic T1320071106600 Watch
Tissot T-My Lady Automatic T1320071106600 Watch
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Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition, 40 mm, T1374073305100, rannekello
Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 20th Anniversary T0064071103303 rannekello
Raymond Weil Freelancer 2780-ST-20001 for men Watch
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The automatic watch takes its energy from hand movements without batteries or other power source. In daily use, the automatic watch is worry-free because it does not need to be set again every morning. Typically, an automatic watch has a power reserve of about 40 hours, but you can also find watches with a power reserve of up to three days in our selection. Check out our online store's selection of hundreds of automatic watches from well-known brands such as Tissot, Seiko, Longines, Rado, Raymond Weil, Corum and Leijona.

What is an Automatic Watch?

Automatic watches are mechanical watches whose mechanism is kept running by the natural movement of the hand without a battery or other power source. When the watch is in use, i.e. on the wrist, its mechanism captures energy with a pull weight that works with the help of gravity. The gravity of the earth pulls the weight towards the earth with the help of the force generated by the movements of the hands. This movement keeps the mainspring of the watch energized and the hands of the watch moving. Depending on the model of the mechanism, the spring is tuned either in parallel or in both directions when it rotates. With the mainspring fully wound, the hands of the automatic watch run for several days without being used. The automatic clock is carefree to use because you don't have to set it up and time it again every morning.

Automatic watches are usually more valuable than battery-operated quartz watches because of their mechanics. In our online store you can find several automatic watches from different brands for men and women.

Automatic Watches for Men and Women

Our selection includes automatic watches from well-known brands such as Tissot, Seiko, Longines, Rado, Raymond Weil, Zenith, Corum and Leijona. Among the hundreds of automatic watches, you will find different watches for men and women. The automatic watches have classic models with steel and leather straps, sportier watch models with silicone and fabric straps, large steel cases and slimmer models. Among women's automatic watches, you can also find dials decorated with diamonds, and the selection also includes allergy-free ceramic watches for sensitive skin.

Swiss watch brands such as Longines and Tissot are known for their high-quality automatic watches, and at most automatic watches have a power reserve of up to three days. You will find well-known models of Longines and Tissot watches, such as Longines Dolcevita, Longines Hydroconquest, Longines Master Collection, Tissot Seastar, Tissot PRX and Tissot Lovely.

Use of Automatic Watches

When the automatic watch is put into operation, make an initial bet. The initial stroke ensures that the hands of the watch have enough energy to move smoothly. The initial bet is made by turning the bell knob. After this, when the watch is in the hand and in motion, the traction weight of the mechanism accumulates kinetic energy in the watch spring and thus the watch stays running. With steady use, the clock is set automatically and does not need to be set separately. However, if the watch has not been used for several days, it should be given a new start before use.

Automatic Watch Power Reserve

The power reserve of an automatic watch varies by brand and model. Typically, an automatic watch has a power reserve of about 40 hours, but our selection also includes watches with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. You can find these watches with a three-day power reserve in the Tissot Powermatic 80 automatic watches. The mechanics of automatic watches are more complicated than quartz watches, and therefore the price of automatic watches often rises higher than quartz watches. However, our selection includes automatic watches in different price categories, and you can find a high-quality automatic watch for as little as a few hundred euros.

Watch Winder for Automatic Watch Storage

The automatic clock can sometimes be used less often. Maybe you can't or don't want to wear a wristwatch every day, or you have a whole collection of watches that you change every day. If the automatic watch is not used every day, it is worth getting a "watch winder" as a friend. A watch winder is a device where you can store your watch when it is not in use and at the same time it keeps your watch moving. The clock winder keeps the mainsprings tuned and the clock up-to-date regardless of the degree of use. This way, the watch is always ready for use and ready to be worn on the wrist.

High-Quality Automatic Watches from Laatukoru

In our online store you can find hundreds of automatic watches from the most popular brands and in different price categories. Take a look at, for example, Tissot's automatic watches with an 80-hour power reserve, Longines' high-quality automatic watches, Japanese Seiko automatic watches and Finnish Leijona brand automatic watches, and order your own favorite watch.

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