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We are Finland's largest family-owned jewellery and watch retail chain and jewellery manufacturer. Our stores are located in Southern Finland and our online store serves customers all over European area. We have strong family business values and our own ethically produced jewellery brand Silván diamond jewellery. Our Silván Jewellery products are handcrafted in our own workshop in Hyvinkää, Finland by skilled goldsmiths.

We are honored to work with talented and committed people. When our employees are asked why they enjoy their work, three things always come to mind: consumer focus, people orientation and good colleagues.

Laatukoru has over fifty years of experience of the importance of job satisfaction and the most rewarding working relationships in the industry, and this is something we will continue to focus on. People come and stay for the career opportunities, the relevance and our community culture.

Career opportunities at Laatukoru

As an employee in Laatukoru, you'll be exposed to challenging tasks from the start and you'll have a wide range of development opportunities. Laatukoru is a family-owned company and we understand what it means when everyone is part of a one big family. This sense of community and the opportunity to make a difference, combined with excellence and an innovative approach, are the ingredients for meaningful work and the career of a lifetime. Above all, we offer the opportunity to be part of one of Finland's most exciting companies. We are passionate about the future, building it with confidence.

Laatukoru workshop
At Laatukoru, skilled goldsmiths work in our workshop in Hyvinkää. Our workshop is constantly being developed and our production is evolving thanks to our skilled and professional staff. If you want to develop as a goldsmith, in Laatukoru we offer excellent conditions for it.

Laatukoru shops
Our stores are staffed by the best salespeople in the industry, and we invest in their skills, which is why our promise of quality service to our customers is excellent. If you have the personality of a top salesperson and are familiar with the industry, we would be happy to discuss job opportunities at Laatukoru.

Laatukoru Ecommerce
Our in-house e-Commerce business is run and developed entirely on e-Commerce terms. We continuously invest in our e-Commerce activities and believe in having skilled, competent people to support our business. If you have experience and expertise in e-Commerce field and it's various roles, we would like to hear from you.

Laatukoru's people are growing and thriving

All our work is based on customer satisfaction and providing a good working environment for our employees. The cornerstone of our business is a well-rounded, skilled and committed staff. We have a tradition of long working relationships, which shows that people enjoy working at Laatukoru.

Apply to work for us

Apply to work at Laatukoru! Please send an open job application and CV by e-mail to

Laatukoru, Lippulaiva Store

Tero Salmesvirta, Store Manager and Watchmaker

How long have you been in the industry?

Now I'm turning 30 as a watchmaker and I still like my job. I am a watchmaker in the second generation, so through my father I got in touch with the industry much earlier.

What is the best thing about Kalatukoru?

I have worked at Laatukoru for 19 years now. The best thing about my job is the variety and versatility, as well as customer service. Dealing with consumers is interesting and inspiring. I have had a good time at Laatukoru and appreciate the long-term nature of the family business.

Why do you think it's good to work at Laatukoru?

Quality jewelry and the entire watch and precious metal sector is an interesting place. We have good international brands and good cooperation with them. On the other hand, we have high-quality handmade Silvana diamond jewelry in Hyvinkää, made for domestic consumers and according to their wishes. The versatile job description and getting responsibility is the best thing about my job.

Laatukoru, Itis Store

Julia Varca, Store Manager

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the watch and precious metal industry for 10 years. I'm a trade manager by training and I like selling.

What is the best thing about Kalatukoru?

I have been working at Laatukoru for 2.5 years now. The best thing about Laatukoru is that we are cared for and the sense of community. The owners care and encourage.

Why do you think it's good to work at Laatukoru?

Kalatukoru has good and fresh stores and the best co-workers. Our customers value quality and our good service. A good atmosphere helps you to cope and the fact that you get encouraging feedback from the listeners.

Laatukoru, Workshop

Matti Leinonen, Goldsmith

How long have you been in the industry?

I started in 1993 as a trainee and since then I have studied as a goldsmith at Laatukoru with an apprenticeship contract. I have been working at the Laatokoru workshop since then, that is, 29 years.

What is the best thing about Kalatukoru?

The best thing about Laatukoru is that the work is varied and I get to do a variety of different tasks.

Why do you think it's good to work at Laatukoru?

The Lautakoru workshop has an excellent team and a nice team spirit. The premises and tools are modern and here we invest in the possibility to do different things. I can develop my own skills in a versatile way.

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