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Made of real wood, Havu watches are designed in Oulu and strongly reflect Finnish nature and Nordic design. The havu wooden watch is very pleasant to use, also a stylish and high-quality watch for various situations. It can be used as a dress watch as well as when moving in nature. Havu watches are made from real wood, which makes each watch unique.

Havu's Story

The story of Havu watch began with the brothers from Oulu on an ice-skating trip in Taivalkoski. As watch enthusiasts and nature walkers, they thought that the northern atmosphere experienced on an ice fishing trip should be captured in a watch. In 2019, Havu got its start and very quickly it was clear to the brothers that the material of the watch would be wood. The bitter cold, the soothing silence and the ancient Finnish forest experienced on an ice skating trip were the inspiration for the Havu watch collection, which combines comfort, style and attitude.

Havu Watch are Made of Wood

Wood is a material with excellent properties. It has a stylish texture and its lively surface makes every watch unique. In addition, the wood has a pleasant feel on the wrist. A wooden watch doesn't wear out in the summer heat and it doesn't feel cold against the skin in the winter frost.

Love for nature is reflected in the design of Havu watches. As a genuine natural material, wood also meets the principles of sustainable development that are important to Havu watches and lasts for decades. Havu watches use as much Finnish wood as possible from domestic wood producers. Wood as a material bends into many things and ships and buildings have been built with it, newspapers and banknotes have been made from it. In Havu clocks, wood acts as a durable and practical material, but also reminds us of our roots and that, despite technological advances, we are still part of nature.

High-Quality Finnish Havu Wooden Watches

The havu watch is equally suitable for parties and everyday life. It is a stylish accessory for dinner parties and other festive occasions. In addition, the practical design and durability of the Havu watch guarantee that it also works in office use and on forest trips. Havu watches are manufactured with high quality and professionalism together with a partner located in Shenzhen. In the product development and design of Havu watches, the opinions of both customers and the Havu team are also carefully listened to.

Havu is a Finnish brand and fully owned by a Finnish family business. In this way, the Havu brand has been able to maintain an uncomplicated attitude and work, and the watches embody values ​​that are important to the company, such as quality, attitude and ease of use.

Individual Havu Wooden Watch

Havu watches are made of wood. Different types of wood come into our watches from all over the world. Wood as a raw material guarantees that each of our watches is unique. The living surface of the wood gives each watch its own unique appearance, and no watch we sell is identical to another. The wooden parts of the watches are treated with wood oil so that they better withstand time and weather conditions. Wood is beautiful, durable and an ideal material against the skin: it does not grind in the summer and does not feel cold against the skin. In Havu watches, you can find, for example, Finnish birch wood, ebony wood, walnut wood, zebra wood and olive wood.

Havu Apple Watch Wooden Strap

You can also find straps compatible with Apple Watch at Havu. Havu straps are made of wood, and wood species include at least ebony, birch and walnut. In the same way as in Havu watches, the wood in Havu Apple Watch bracelets feels pleasant to wear in both hot and cold weather. The strap is also designed so that the parts that experience the most stress are metal. Havu Apple Watch straps are easy to change and come with two additional pieces and all accessories for changing, shortening or lengthening the bracelet.

Wooden Watches from Laatukoru

You can easily get Havu watches online from us. Our selection includes Havu watches made of real wood and Havu Apple Watch straps. Pleasant wood feels nice against the skin because it doesn't grind and doesn't feel cold. In addition, Havu watches and straps are stylish to wear and are equally suitable for both forest trips and parties. Choose your own Havu wooden watch or buy as a gift for someone who appreciates Finnish design and nature.

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