Laatukoru is a family-owned business in Finland and we have always wanted to take our share of the responsibility to ensure general well-being. Over the years, we have been actively involved in a wide range of charitable activities, and in recent years we have started to pay increasing attention to ecological and environmental responsibility in our operations. As a company, we are committed to operating as responsibly and transparently as possible in the jewellery and watchmaking sector, supporting sustainable practices. We are also constantly striving to make our operating models more environmentally friendly and ethically sustainable.


Yellow gold and white gold are revered classics in jewellery materials. Rose gold is a newer jewellery material that is fast becoming a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Fine gold, or pure gold, is a relatively soft material, making it ideal for jewellery because of its properties and appearance. The most typical gold used in jewellery are 14 and 18 carat gold.

For your own Silván Jewelry the gold we use is entirely recycled gold. We buy as much as possible old gold jewellery and gold objects from our customers as "scrap gold" to strengthen the environmental friendliness of our operations. The gold we buy from our customers is melted down and purified using mechanical, chemical and electrolytic processes, the alloying elements are separated and the fine gold is recovered for the manufacture of new jewellery. The gold is always pure and first-class, and even when recycled, it remains as freshly mined gold. Our goal is to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of gold production by using as much recycled gold as possible, thereby reducing the need to mine new gold.


All diamonds used in our own Silván Jewelry are selected for their ethical and environmentally friendly qualities. Our conflict-free diamonds are sourced from major European diamond exchanges and our diamond suppliers are committed to industry standards and responsible practices. We always require our suppliers to provide written certification of the origin and ethics of the diamonds. The diamonds used in our jewellery are produced with respect for the human rights of workers at all stages of production, attention to environmental impact, safe and responsible working practices and support for local communities. Furthermore, the diamond trade does not support the financing of rebel movements.

Diamonds of 0.50ct carats and above in Silván Jewelry are GIA-certified, so their origin is fully traceable. The GIA is a well-respected US-based gemology research and education organisation that maintains standards in the field. Diamond jewellery of 0.50ct or more purchased from Laatukoru is accompanied by a GIA certificate of authenticity. GIA-certified diamonds are produced in accordance with internationally recognised labour, trade and environmental standards. Diamonds under 0.50ct do not come with a GIA certificate, but it is possible to order one separately at the customer's request. This certificate is subject to a fee.

You can read more about diamonds here.

Packaging materials

Products ordered from our online store are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes. 70% of the material in the cardboard boxes is already recycled.

Charity and Giving Back

As a responsible family business Laatukoru has always wanted to be involved in supporting local charities. Over the years, we have supported children's sport activities and sport teams in Finland.

Laatukoru  is also involved in supporting the Finnish Lastenklinikoiden Kummit Ry Association which helps premature babies to survive. There are several different types of Children's Clinic products in the range where we will donate 10% of the sales to Children's Clinic. See the Children's Clinic products here. The donations will support Children's Hospitals development and research work and improve the well-being of young patients. The products sold in Laatukoru include a spoon, frames and a variety of jewellery featuring Teemu the Teddy Bear. Laatukoru also donates 10% of the sales of products decorated with Teemu the Teddy Bear logos to the Children's Hospital.

Silván Jewelry collection also includes its own range of Christening diamond jewellery, created in collaboration with the Children's Hospitals. All the jewellery in the range is adorned with a beautiful pink sapphire. Also, for each of the Silván product sold will be donated 10% to the Kummit Children's Hospitals Association in Finland.

Laatukoru participates in the annual Pink Ribbon Campaign, which raises funds for the Cancer Foundation. For every product sold during the campaign, 10 € is donated to the Pink Ribbon fundraiser. The Syöpäsäätiö, which works exclusively with donations from Finland, funds Finnish cancer research and supports cancer patients and their loved ones. Finland's genome and people's diseases are different from anywhere else, which is why dedicated cancer research is particularly important in Finland.

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