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Armoured collar chain, steel
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Lumoava 1917 Bracelet
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2 Arvostelua
Silver armour chain 5,5mm
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Silver armour chain 5,5mm, necklace
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Silver armour chain with plate 7,5mm, engravable
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Stelle Curd Chain Necklace, Silver, 0007HK2002
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Silver armour chain 8,5mm, necklace
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Stelle Curb Chain Necklace, Silver, 0007HK2000
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Sector Basic bracelet, SZS63
Sale price39,00 €
Sector Basic bracelet, SZS60
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Golden Cordell Chain, 2.7mm Thick
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Stelle Curb Chain Bracelet, Silver, 0014BK2387
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Stelle Curb Chain Bracelet with Plate, Silver, 0032BP2524
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Golden Anchor Chain, 3mm Thick
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In our selection, you can find curb chains in different materials, such as gold, silver, steel, and yellow or rose gold plated. You can choose from necklaces and bracelets in different lengths and thicknesses. The stylish curb chain is also a great gift idea. Some of the bracelets have a plate on which you can engrave a name, date or text of your choice. In addition, our stores have a large selection of different men's chains. Choose a stylish and timeless curb chain for yourself or as a gift!

Durable and Stylish Curb Chains

The curb chain is the most common chain model and also the most durable option of all chain models. Curb chains are made of interlocking flat links that form a durable structure for the chain. The thick steel curb chain is a popular piece of jewelry for men, but it can also be worn by women, according to their own style. Thinner gold and silver chains are popular pendant chains and are suitable for women and men. Laatukoru online store has plenty of curb chains in different materials, gold, silver and steel, as well as gold-plated, in wrist and neck versions.

Curb Chain in Gold

The golden curb chain can be worn on its own, with a pendant or combined with other chains. Our selection includes yellow and white gold curb chains with different thicknesses and lengths. Combine a narrow gold chain with a gold pendant and wear together with a slightly thicker gold chain. You can also combine different shades of gold with each other. Those who prefer a minimalist style, on the other hand, can wear a narrow curb chain as it is. Golden chains are timeless and durable jewelry that can be combined to your own style . The curb chain necklace is a true unisex piece of jewelry, suitable for both men and women. A golden curb chain is also a valued gift that will bring joy to the recipient for a long time. The curb chain lasts a long time, and by combining different pendants with it, the chain can be modified to suit the spirit of the times and trends.

Curb Chain in Silver

Silver curb chain necklaces are popular pendant chains for silver pendants and at the same time they are also a more affordable alternative to a white gold curb chain. Silver curb chains are also available in different thicknesses and lengths. Silver chains work with or without a pendant, and chains of different sizes can be combined with each other. The surface of the silver curb chains is rhodium-plated, which keeps the silver surface beautiful for a long time and prevents the chain from darkening.

Curb Chains from Laatukoru

In our selection, you can find curb chains in different materials, such as gold, silver, steel and gold-plated. Thin silver and gold curb chains work as pendants or on their own, and you can find stylish men's curb chain bracelets from, for example, Son of Noa and Sector. We deliver curb chains with fast delivery and always in their original packaging. Choose a stylish, durable and timeless curb chain as a gift or for yourself!

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