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Garmin Vivomove Luxe Rose Gold 42 mm, Smart Watch 010-02241-01
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Garmin Vivomove Trend Light Gold and Grey Hybrid Smartwatch 010-02665-02
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Garmin Vivomove Sport Mint Green and Silver Hybrid Smartwatch 010-02566-03
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Garmin Vivomove Trend Graphite Grey and Black Hybrid Smartwatch 010-02665-00
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Garmin Vivomove 3, Vivomove Luxe, Vivomove Style and Vivomove Sport

Garmin Vivomove watches are so-called hybrid smartwatches: they look like regular analog watches, but include smartwatch features such as hidden touchscreens, 24/7 activity tracking, wrist heart rate measurement, and step measurement.

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Garmin Vivomove Materials

In addition to versatile features, Vivomove smartwatches also look great! The Vivomove collection includes various material options, such as leather, nylon and coated steel bracelets, as well as 18K PVD gold-plated watch cases. Those looking for a special style should check out the Vivomove Style watch with a satin-finished aluminum watch case and domed Corning Gorilla Glass or the Vivomove Luxe model with a shiny watch case and domed sapphire crystal glass.

The Vivomove collections also have options suitable for wrists of different sizes, such as the compact Vivomove 3S with a 39 mm wide watch case or the larger Vivomove 3 with a 44 mm wide watch case, as well as sizes in between.

Vivomove Hybrid Smartwatches – The Look of an Analog Watch and the Functions of a Smartwatch

In the watches of the Vivomove collection, an analog clock is combined with smart functions: the hidden touch screen only appears when needed. By tapping or swiping the screen, the pointers move to the side and the touch screen appears. The special feature of the Vivomove Style and Luxe models are two colored AMOLED screens that work on the same principle as other Vivomove hybrid smartwatches.

With the daily smart features of Vivomove watches, you make your everyday life easier, and you don't always have to carry all the devices with you. By pairing your watch with a compatible smartphone, you will receive emails, text messages and alarms on your watch. On the other hand, you can quickly glance at the day's program from the calendar view. You'll be more secure with the security and tracking feature, which lets you send your real-time location to your emergency contact, or your watch will do it automatically with built-in event recognition.

With the Vivomove Watch, You Invest in Your Well-Being

With Garmin Vivomove watches, you know your body better and can therefore invest in your own well-being. The watch's comprehensive wellness features include advanced sleep monitoring, women's health monitoring, hydration monitoring, Body Battery energy monitoring and stress monitoring. The wrist heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate around the clock and alerts you if your heart rate remains too fast or too slow during rest. You can also use heart rate data to track how hard you are working during your workouts.

By improving the quality of your sleep, you will significantly improve your well-being at the same time. The advanced sleep monitoring of Garmin watches scores the quality of your sleep and gives you tips on how to sleep better. You can see the times you fall asleep and wake up, as well as the most important stages of sleep (light, deep and REM). By getting to know your sleep information, you can better understand how the things you do during the day affect the quality of your sleep at night. In addition to sleep data, the Vivomove watch tracks your stress levels throughout the day. The analysis functions used to monitor your stress levels are designed to identify and adapt to your personal situation. The more you use the device, including when you sleep, the better it interprets the states of stress and relaxation you experience. With the advanced Body Battery energy monitoring, you get customized information about the effects of exercise, stress, relaxation and sleep, and thus manage your energy better. You also benefit from calming breathing exercises when you want to relax or concentrate.

The menstrual cycle plays a big role in a woman's well-being. With the help of monitoring a woman's well-being, you can monitor the effects of your menstrual cycle or pregnancy on your body and your training. When you record events, symptoms and personal notes in the Garmin Connect app, you get reports on the effects. The Garmin Vivomove watch also takes care of your hydration. You can record the amount of water you drink every day and monitor its variation on different days.

Take Over New Sports and Track Your Fitness with Your Garmin Smartwatch

When you move, your Garmin Vivomove smartwatch counts your steps, floors climbed, calories burned and distance traveled. You also get information about power minutes, i.e. the time when you have been at your most efficient and from which sport you have collected them. With fitness age, you can find out if your body is younger or older than your biological age. The assessment is based on your weekly hard performances, resting heart rate and body mass index or body fat percentage, and gives you tips to lower your fitness level.

With the help of numerous preloaded sports applications, you will take control of new sports. The Vivomove features include performance profiles for yoga, pilates and crosstrainer training as well as running, swimming and cycling. When you connect your watch to the GPS of a compatible smartphone, you can accurately track your cycling and running runs.

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