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Jewelry Boxes, Watch Boxes and Ring Holders for Storing Jewelry and Watches

In our online store you will find a wide selection of products for storing jewelry and watches! We have several jewelry boxes, bags and boxes. In addition, we also offer watch boxes and ring holders suitable for storing rings. With the help of different compartments, storing jewelry is easy and effortless. Some of our models include a small suitcase for jewelry, so it's easy to take jewelry with you on a trip! Engraving is also available on some of the products!

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Decorative glass, heart shaped
Sale price32,00 €
Ring shackle, dog
Sale price13,00 €
1 Arvostelu
Ring shackle, hand
Sale price6,00 €
Sold out
Korulipas lokeroilla, valkoinen, 078854
Ring ring, elephant
Sale price13,00 €
Sold out
Soiva korurasia, ovaali, 078816
Oval oval marble box, 078816
Sale price56,00 €
Wicker box, 7,5 cm, 078729
Sale price28,00 €
Box, forest animals, 078740
Sale price32,00 €
Wicker box with crystal lid
Sale price20,00 €
Decorative box, oval, 078749
Sale price39,00 €
OUTLETSold out
Swarovski Christmas Ornament Home Display, koristeteline iso - Swarovski - Laatukoru
Sold out
Korulaukku, hopeanharmaa - Laatukoru - Laatukoru
Jewellery bag, silver grey
Sale price36,00 €
Ring ring, bird
Sale price13,00 €
Korurasia, oval
Sale price26,00 €
1 Arvostelu
Watch case, black 078819
Sale price169,00 €
Watch case, black 078815
Sale price129,00 €
Jewellery bag, black, 078818
Sale price99,00 €
Sold out
Watch Winder, musta pianolakattu, 078822
Earrings, white, 078830
Sale price23,00 €
Sold out
Swarovski Christmas Ornament Home Display, koristeteline pieni - Swarovski - Laatukoru
Jewellery bag, orange
Sale price54,00 €
Sold out
Korulipas - Laatukoru - Laatukoru
Sale price79,00 €
Watch case, black 078828
Sale price169,00 €

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