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Rado Watches

Swiss Rado manufactures stylish luxury watches for quality-conscious men. Rado is known, among other things, for its ceramic watches. It is important for the company that the watches are suitable even for the most sensitive skin and are light and comfortable enough for everyday use.

More Rado watches are available at the Laatukoru Pohjoisesplanadi store in Helsinki and Laatukoru Jumbo store in Vantaa.

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Non-Allergenic Ceramic Bracelets of Rado Watches

The sophistication of Rado watches lies in their material. The ceramic Rado watch is light and its ceramic surface creates a special feeling against the skin. The ceramic watch is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. In Rado watches, allergy-friendliness is a key theme and the result of long development.

Ceramic Rado Watches

At Rado, ceramics have been studied for over 35 years. Expertise and decades of experience are evident in all high-tech ceramic products, especially in their unique one-piece cases and ceramic bracelets. Achieving the exact right color, creating a precise feel and shaping the material into a special watch is the result of long development and decades of experience.

The high-tech ceramics used in the watches go through several processing stages as they transform from an organic powder into a high-quality material with a unique visual appearance and tactile properties. Properties such as colour, tone and gloss can be further fine-tuned thanks to Rado's own unique plasma high-tech ceramic process. The passionate development work of Rado researchers has resulted in new materials, many of which are still used in the manufacture of Rado watches today. Ceramos™, a mixture of ceramic and metal, high-tech ceramics, plasma high-tech ceramics and a scratch-resistant tungsten-carbide ceramic mixture are all the result of Rado's innovative material development work.

The History of Rado Watches

Rado's story goes back to 1917, when the brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup decided to become watchmakers. The brothers' modest studio was located next to their parents' home in the village of Lengnau in Switzerland. Thanks to their energy and vision, Schlup & Co got off to a promising start and signed contracts with several importers around the world. By the end of World War II, the factory was one of the largest manufacturers of watch movements, and its name was synonymous with Swiss quality. This laid the groundwork for the brothers' next big adventure, the launch of their own watch brand. In 1957, the brothers' own watch brand Rado and the first Rado Green Horse watch were born. It was followed in 1962 by the world's first scratch-resistant watch, the Rado DiaStar, and the company's first diver's watch, the Rado Captain Cook. Captain Cook was aimed at doctors, engineers, athletes, deep-sea divers and racing car drivers. Its hallmark was a rotating anchor that indicated when the watch needed servicing. Captain Cook became a success and the anchor became Rado's logo.

Scratch-resistant high-tech ceramics

In the 1970s, Rado established itself as a watch brand for people ahead of their time. Two of Rado's design team's most experimental models in this era were the Elegance and the Glissière, technically ahead of their time and conquering timeliness with their contemporary silhouettes. In the 1980s, Rado's reputation as a master of materials grew stronger. In 1986, it released the Rado Integral model, which revolutionized the watch industry by using scratch-resistant high-tech ceramics more commonly used in ultra-fast aircraft. This paved the way for the iconic Rado Ceramica, perhaps the first watch in the world to have a bracelet, crown and case made entirely of this high-tech material. In the same year, Rado became part of the current Swatch Group, which enabled even more innovative product development and the use of materials.

Moving into the new millennium, Rado accelerated its product development by bringing to market the Rado V10K model, recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's hardest watch, and the extremely light and minimalistic True Thinline. Later in 2011, Rado's physicists and engineers unveiled the high-tech Ceramos™ material, which saw its collection see watch designs created in collaboration with renowned designers, such as Jasper Morrison's r5.5 and Le Corbusier's True Thinline in nine bright colors.

Stylish Rado Watches from First-Class Materials

The watches of the Rado collection are united by the innovative use of materials. The selection of stylish Rado watches includes all-ceramic watches, steel watches, and models that combine ceramics and stainless steel. The bracelets are available in leather, fabric, ceramics and stainless steel. In the selections of men's watches and women's watches, there is plenty to choose from, from angular models to round and different-sized watches. Whether your style is classic or you are looking for a more individual option, in our selection you will find options in terms of materials, colors and shapes. Check out our selection of Rado Integral, Rado True, Rado Captain Cook and numerous other Rado models.

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