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We Buy Gold | Sell ​​Your Old Gold Jewelry and Items to Us

In Laatukoru stores, we buy gold from our customers. We always try to pay the best price on the market (compare and be surprised)! You can sell your gold to us and get a refund either in money or as a gift card/products:

  1. Exchange gold for money. We will pay the price for the gold by bank transfer to your account.
  2. Exchange gold for a gift card/products and we refund 2€/g more than the value of the gold.
We accept all gold jewelry and items such as rings, chains, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets, gold teeth and gold items.
The gold jewelry and items are sent to our workshop for evaluation. A goldsmith removes the portion of gold from jewelry and items and ensures the gold percentage (9K, 14K, 18K, 21K, 24K) and authenticity. The exact weight is only weighed for gold. For weighing, stones and other parts are removed from gold jewelry and items. Removal may damage the jewelry/item, and Laatukoru is not responsible for any damages that may occur. The refund is always paid to the customer according to the date of delivery of the gold.

Payment for Gold in Money:

9K gold: €15.00 / g
14K gold: €26.50 / g

18K gold: €35.00 / g
21K gold: €38.50 / g
24K gold: €44.00 / g

Payment for Gold as a Gift Card or Product:

9K gold: €17.00 / g
14K gold:
€28.50 / g
18K gold: €37.00 / g
21K gold: €40.50 / g
24K gold: €46.00 / g

Please note that the market price of gold changes constantly, which means that the compensation paid for gold also varies. You can always check Laatukoru's current daily price either on this page or at the nearest Laatukoru store. We reserve the right to change prices.

See the contact information and opening hours of your nearest store

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