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Silván diamond ring 0,50ct, 14K yellow gold, Silván wedding rings
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The elegant emerald-cut stone is at its best in the ring as a large center stone. Emerald cut stone is clear and has long cut bevels, which creates a unique look to the stone. Emerald cut is also known as smaragd cut. The emerald-cut stone is spectacular and is suitable for those looking for a slightly different wedding ring. Discover the diamond rings of the Silván collection and find your own special diamond ring with an emerald cut stone.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamond is a popular form of cut in rings and other stone jewelry. The brilliance and fire of the diamond does not get its full rights in this cut, but it has other good qualities. An emerald-cut diamond is clear and regular. It has fewer cutting facets and they are longer, which gives the diamond a very beautiful and unique appearance. The emerald cut stone also has truncated corners, which makes it durable even when setting a diamond. Emerald grinding is also called emerald grinding because it was originally developed for green emerald.

The Cut of the Diamond is the Most Important Factor in Determining the Value

A diamond has four factors that affect its value: cut, carat, color and clarity. The quality of the cut affects the value of the diamond the most, and it is also technically the most difficult to analyze out of the four factors. The quality of the cut does not mean the form of cut, but the proportions, symmetry of the cut and how carefully the cutting and polishing has been done. The successful cut of a diamond aims to create an interaction with light. Diamond grinding requires the right proportions, so that the light directed at it is reflected back through the largest bevel at the top of the stone, i.e. the table of the diamond. The lower part of the stone cannot be too deep or shallow, but just the right length so that the stone looks bright and lively.

The ratio between the width and length of a good emerald cut does not have actual limits, as with many other types of cut, but the appearance of each emerald cut stone must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Emeral-Cut Silván Diamond Rings

Emeral cut diamond rings are spectacular, although their diamonds are not the most sparkling. The beauty of an emerald-cut diamond lies in its long cutting edges and clarity, and at its best it is the great center stone of a ring. In the Silván collection, for example, you can find a spectacular diamond ring, whose pink emerald-cut morganite is a real eye-catcher. The emerald-cut diamonds on both sides of the morganite stone reinforce the clear appearance. The showiness of this ring lies in its large size and large facets.

As an alternative to the flashy morganite ring, there is a slightly more restrained Silván ring, with a narrow frame and a large emerald-cut diamond. It is suitable, for example, as a wedding ring for those looking for a special and slightly rarer stone. The diamond rings of the Silván collection are always available in yellow, white and rose gold.

High-Quality Jewelry Production from Hyvinkää

Silván diamond rings are made at Laatukoru's own goldsmith workshop in Hyvinkää, Finland. The story of Silván jewelry stretches all the way back to the 1970s, and today the family business, which is in its third generation, still cherishes the decades-long traditions of goldsmithing. Silván diamond rings are made by hand by skilled goldsmiths.

The material of the diamond rings is 100% recycled gold and diamonds selected with exact criteria. We buy diamonds from large European diamond exchanges, which are committed to complying with the industry's responsibility standards at every stage of production. The diamonds we use have not financed rebel movements, and instead our partners are committed to supporting the activities of local communities, complying with responsible work practices and human rights, and taking into account the environmental effects of their operations.

Stylish Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring from Laatukoru

For those looking for a showy engagement ring or a special wedding ring, our selection offers stylish Silván rings with emerald cut stones. Due to its large bevels, Emeral-polished stone has a unique and clear appearance, which does not lack showiness. Check out our selection and find your own special diamond ring!

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