Our online store's customer service is happy to help with all warranty matters. You can reach our customer service by e-mail laatuokoru.verkkokauppa@laatuokoru.fi.

Lifetime Warranty for Silván Diamond Jewelry

We guarantee all Silván Jewelry products for a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If a warranty defect occurs, our skilled jewelers will repair the product or replace it with a completely new one. The Silván Jewelry Lifetime Warranty does not cover defects caused by use, dropping of diamonds or other precious stones, or theft.

Examples of situations not covered by the warranty:

  • Scratches, dents or other defects in the jewelry that may have occurred during normal use or as a result of an accident.
  • Changes in the color tone of the precious metal, which have been caused by, for example, various chemicals, such as lotions, conditioners and perfumes, or as a result of swimming (chlorinated water, etc.).
  • Falling of a diamond or jewel. Diamonds and precious stones mounting may get dents and wear with normal use over time.
  • The warranty also does not apply to rings that have been resized by anyone other than Laatukoru goldsmith.

All Silván diamond jewelry is checked in our workshop by professional goldsmiths before the warranty repair.

Warranty for Watches

All watches are always serviced at the importer's or manufacturer's official warranty service, so you can be sure that your watch is serviced by a professional watchmaker. Please note that the warranty on watches only covers defects in the mechanism of the watch and possible manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of the watch's case, coating, glass or strap.

Several Watch brands (such as all Swiss watch brands) offer an Worldwide Warranty for their products. In case of a warranty, you can either contact us or your local authorized dealer.

Battery Warranty for Watches

We grant a 6-month battery warranty to all watches purchased in our online store or in our physical stores. The battery warranty covers the replacement of the battery in our store free of charge, if the battery runs out within 6 months from the date of purchase of the watch.

One (1) Year Additional Warranty Issued by Laatukoru

The products on sale at Laatukoru always have an official warranty issued by the importer and/or manufacturer (the warranty is usually 2 years). Sometimes, however, it can unfortunately happen that a warranty defect occurs after the official warranty period has expired. We at Laatukoru offer an additional one (1) year warranty for all products purchased from us, which covers the warranty service of the product you purchased in accordance with the warranty conditions of the importer/manufacturer at an office with official warranty service (authorized watchmaker or goldsmith)!

Additional warranty is a paid service that requires the purchase of additional warranty when purchasing the product. Additional warranty cannot be combined afterwards with previous purchases. It is not possible to use discount codes for the additional guarantee.

See product information for Laatukoru's Additional Warranty here

How Laatukoru's Additional Warranty Works:

  • The Laatukoru Additional Warranty is a one (1) year additional warranty for a product purchased from Laatukoru.
  • The additional warranty must always be purchased when purchasing the product. It is not possible to buy an additional warranty afterwards.
  • The additional warranty is only valid for one product. It is not possible to use the additional warranty for products other than those ordered in same time (in one receipt).
  • If you order several products at once, you must order a separate Additional Warranty for each one.
  • All products on sale at Laatukoru have an official warranty issued by the importer or manufacturer (usually 2 years). Defects covered by the warranty service that occurred within this warranty period will be repaired in the warranty service as usual. After the end of the official warranty period, Laatukoru's Additional Warranty comes into force and is valid for one year. Defects caused during this time will be repaired in the official warranty service and Laatukoru will be responsible for the costs.

What Laatukoru's Additional Warranty Covers:

In accordance with the warranty conditions of the importer/manufacturer, Laatukoru's Additional Warranty covers product manufacturing defects (e.g. watch mechanism defects or possible jewelry manufacturing defects) - in exactly the same way as the official warranty of that product's brand covers.

The Laatukoru's Additional Warranty must be ordered within the same order as the product and is valid for only one product. It is not possible to buy an additional warranty afterwards.

What Laatukoru's Additional Warranty Does Not Cover:

Laatakoru's Additional Warranty does not cover defects that are not covered by the official importer/manufacturer's warranty either. These include e.g.

  • Normal wear and tear of the product case or coating (scratches, dents, etc.).
  • Normal wear and tear of the product in use (scratches, dents, etc.).
  • Normal wear and tear of the watch glass in use (possible scratches or breakage, etc.).
  • Moisture damage

Please note that the Additional Warranty cannot be ordered without ordering the product. The product must always be ordered in connection with another purchase (jewelry, watch, gift item) at the same time.

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