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Lumoava Bead Silver Earrings with Freshwater Pearls
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Gold pearl earrings with genuine freshwater pearls, 14K yellow gold
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Silván timanttikorvakorut 0,015ct helmillä, 14K keltakultaa, Silván timanttikorut - Silván - Laatukoru
Lumoava Swans Necklace with Pearl, Silver
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Gold beaded earrings with 5mm freshwater pearls, 14K yellow gold
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Ti Sento Milano earrings, white pearl and yellow gold plated silver, 7850PW
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Stelle Earrings with Freshwater Pearls, Yellow Gold-Plated silver, 2120OR1893-Y
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Gold knot earrings with genuine freshwater pearls, 14K yellow gold
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Stelle Earrings with Freshwater Pearls, Silver, 2120OR1893-R
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Lumoava Bead Gold Earrings with Freshwater Pearls
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Swarovski Stella vaaleat korvakorut helmikoristeilla
Swarovski Stella light earrings with pearls
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White gold pearl earrings with 5mm freshwater pearls, 14K white gold
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Silván diamond earrings with 0,48ct beads, 14K white gold, Silván diamond jewellery
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In the online store of Laatukoru, you can find graceful and timeless pearl earrings that bring a touch of luxury to both everyday and party outfits. Our selection includes pearl earrings from Ti Sento, Swarovski and Silván collections. In our own Silván jewelry, we always use high-quality freshwater pearls. Our selection also includes the highly popular Kalevala Vanamo series pearl earrings.

Pearl Earrings in Many Styles

Pearl earrings are always a classic choice that completes a feminine style. A lightly shimmering, white pearl charms with its unobtrusive beauty and goes well with both silver and gold. Nostalgic chooses her pearl jewelry in the vintage spirit, appreciating trendiness as a more updated version. For a lover of minimalism, just pearls are suitable, the simplicity of which leaves more room for playing with clothes and fabric materials.

Timeless White Pearl Earrings

The white freshwater pearl with gold pin fastening is a classic and the cornerstone of every jewelry collection. With pearl earrings you can create a classic, timeless style, but pearls can also be boldly combined with different styles and to other earrings. A pearl earring has its serious value from decade to decade, and its popularity is not dependent on trends. Pearl earrings are also suitable for every other occasion: they are for every day casual outfits and for others a part of a party look. A pearl stud earring is also considered a unisex piece of jewelry, which is increasingly seen on men as well. In our selection, you can find classic pearl earrings with white and yellow gold stud fastenings and pearls of different sizes.

Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

Minimalist pearl earrings are always a key choice for a classic style, but for those looking for a little twist, pearl earrings also have models in different shades of gold and with different stones. In addition to reduced pearl earrings, you can find different pearl earrings with diamonds, golden frames and various attachments in Laatukoru's selection. If you need more sparkle in your style, you should choose pearl earrings with diamonds, such as the stunning Silván earrings with freshwater pearls and genuine 0.015ct diamonds. These beautiful earrings are also perfect for the bride. On the other hand, pearl earrings in the more affordable price category can be found in Ti Sento's and Swarovski's selections.

Care and Cleaning of Pearl Earrings

In taking care of pearl earrings, it is essential to store them and clean them regularly. Pearl earrings should always be kept in their own box and separate from other jewelry. This effectively prevents the surface of the pearl from being scratched. Cleaning pearl earrings is recommended a couple of times a year. Pearl earrings can be cleaned yourself with a very mild and hand-warm detergent solution. After cleaning, it is important to rinse the pearls with plenty of water and dry them carefully with a soft cloth. There are also cleaning agents intended for cleaning gold surfaces, which make the gold surface bright and shiny. If you are worried about cleaning pearl earrings at home, you can always bring the earrings to our store to be cleaned by a professional. If there are diamonds in your pearl earrings, the professional will also check the diamond settings at the same time.

When using pearl earrings, it is good to note that chemicals such as hairsprays and skin creams can gradually change the color of the pearl and weaken its luster. You should always wipe the beads with a soft cloth after use, so that dirt does not stick to the surface of the beads. You should also avoid sweating with pearl earrings, and it is not recommended to take a shower or swim with them.

Pearl Earrings as a Gift

Are you looking for a valuable gift for a loved one that will give you joy for a long time? With pearl earrings, you will delight your loved ones in a precious way. Genuine freshwater pearls in earrings are a timeless choice, and they are suitable to combine with almost any style. Pearl earrings are just as suitable as a gift for a spouse, mother, friend as for a colleague, and wearing them is not dependent on age. A pearl earring as a gift is always a precious gesture, but if you are looking for a special gift, you can choose pearl earrings with sparkling diamonds or spectacular golden frames. By giving pearl earrings as a gift, you ensure that the recipient will enjoy their gift for years to come.

Stylish Pearl Earrings from Laatukoru

In the selection of Laatukoru jewelry, you can find classic pearl stud earrings, sparkling pearl earrings with diamonds, and other stylish and timeless pearl earrings. This way you can find pearl earrings in different price categories as well as earrings for different styles. Check out our selection and choose pearl earrings that suit your style or buy as a gift for an important person!

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