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Longines is a Swiss manufacturer of quality watches. Auguste Agassiz founded the company back in 1832 and its "winged hourglass" logo is the oldest logo belonging to a watch manufacturer. Longines watches are known for their elegant and stylish design and professional manufacturing. Longines is still today one of the world's most popular watch manufacturers. One of Longines' most popular watch series is Saint-Imier, named after the place where the company was founded. Other popular ranges besides Saint-Imier are Dolcevita, Hydroconquest, La Grande, Master Collection and Primaluna.

Longines Watches from an Authorized Dealer

Laatukoru is an authorized Longines dealer. You can find Longines watches for both men and women in the Laatukoru selection. All watches are delivered in the original Longines case and with an official international warranty. Longines watches are available not only in our online store, but also in the Laatukoru Pohjoisesplanadi store in Helsinki. 

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High-Quality Diver's watch Longines HydroConquest

The Longines sports collection is represented, for example, by the Longines HydroConquest watch, which has been characterized as a competent diver's watch. HydroConquest watches have all the features required of a diving watch: water resistance class 300 meters, screw-locking crown, unidirectional bezel and strong luminescence on the hands, indexes and bezel. The wheel-like edge of Longines HydroConquest watches is not only recognizable, it also provides grip for rotating the bezel in various conditions. Models are available with both a sturdy metal strap and a lighter rubber strap. The features of the HydroConquest sports watch guarantee performance in demanding conditions, but due to its style, it is also perfectly suited as a dress watch.

The Longines Legend Diver collection is also available in the Longines diver's watch category. The collection complements the brand's range of diving watches with reinterpretations of old 1960s watches. The Longines Legend Diver watches have tried to preserve the design and spirit of the original model, but at the same time modern technical features have been introduced.

A Luxurious Longines Conquest Sports Watch

Strong traditions are also represented by Longines' Conquest sports watch. Described as a luxurious sports watch, the Longines Conquest is also made for demanding conditions. Its water resistance class of 300 meters, screw-locking crown and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment guarantee durability in various sports, while the luxurious appearance guarantees elegance. The watches of the Conquest collection have a wide range of models and sizes. There are sizes to choose from ranging from 29.5 mm narrow to 43 mm wide models, dials decorated with diamonds and leather and steel bracelets in different colors. The collection also includes options for both automatic and quartz watches.

The first Longines Conquest was released in 1954, so it has a strong tradition behind it. Today, Longines offers two more versions of the Conquest model: Conquest Classic and Conquest VHP (Very High Precision). The first of these is a sophisticated watch with a steel bracelet and automatic mechanism, and the latter a watch that emphasizes the accuracy of quartz watches.

Longines Watches as Pioneers in Time Measurement

Longines began in 1832 in Saint Imier, Switzerland. The company started as an agency, but soon switched to watchmaking and timekeeping. Longines released the first chronograph pocket watch in 1878, and as a pioneer of its time, it was already able to measure time with an accuracy of one-fifth of a second in the late 1880s.

Longines watchmaking relies heavily on tradition, and as a pioneer in its field, it has always strived to manufacture the most accurate tools of its time for the professionals who need them. In its beginnings, Longines was known for equestrian sports, but the activity quickly expanded to other fields as well, and it began to manufacture instruments for pilots, explorers and athletes as well. Today, Longines is especially known as the official timekeeper for horse racing, alpine skiing, gymnastics and archery.

Longines Classic Models and Sports Watches

In the Longines watch range, you will find classic models such as Longines Flagship, Longines Master Collection and La Grande Classique de Longines, as well as performance sports watches such as Longines HydroConquest and Longines Conquest. In both categories, Longines watches offer quality and style in a moderate price range. Longines is part of the Swatch Group, which guarantees it access to very high-quality movements. Longines appeals to users who appreciate tradition, quality and a classic look.

Elegant Watches Longines Flagship and Le Grande Classique de Longines

Longines' elegant watch models are represented by the Longines Flagship from 1957 and Le Grande Classique de Longines from 1992. These watch models, which have maintained their popularity for decades, can still be found in the Longines product range. The popularity is based on their classic but suitably distinctive style.

Longines Flagship, first released in the 50s, appeals to lovers of classic, durable watches. Flagship watches with steel bracelets are available in several different colored dials, in different size options, and in Two Tone style models, which combine steel and different shades of gold. Le Garnde Classique de Longines, on the other hand, is known for its particularly thin profile. This watch model, originally published in the 90s, is also available in a wide selection of different colors and strap options.

The Traditional Longines Master Collection

The more traditional side of Longines is represented by the watches of the Longines Master Collection series. The collection was published for the first time in 2005. The watches of the Masten Collection show the idea of ​​making exceptional watches that has been at the heart of watchmaking since the beginning. The watches of the Master Collection series are part of the Longines "Watchmaking Tradition" collection, as are the series Longines Elegant Collection and Longines Evidenza. In these watch models, which represent classic elegance and traditional quality watchmaking, from the very beginning the aim has been to achieve excellence without giving up simplicity. Longines' idea is to capture the spirit of the times without passing fashion whims.

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