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With Hagerty's high-quality care and cleaning products, you can polish and clean jewelry and silverware effortlessly! In Hagerty's collection, you can find products for cleaning jewelry, such as cleaning cloths, cleaning agents and cleaning foam.

Jewelry Cleaning with Quality Cleaning Products

In order for your jewelry to remain beautiful and sparkling for a long time, you should clean it regularly. Jewelry can also be cleaned conveniently at home, as long as you have the right cleaning agents. When cleaning jewelry, you should note that there are different cleaning agents for, for example, gold and silver jewelry, and you should not use, for example, a substance intended for cleaning silver to clean gold jewelry. Hagerty offers great cleaning products for jewelry, and in our selection you will find cleaning products and cleaning agents for silver jewelry and gold jewelry.

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Cleaning Silverware with Silver Cleaner and a Cloth

Do you have tarnished silver items, such as silverware, and should they be made shiny again? A good solution for this is Hagerty's silver cleaning agent and silver cleaning cloth. Hagerty Silver Foam is a foaming cleaning agent that works not only on silverware but also on pewter and stainless steel. It is especially suitable for cleaning cutlery. Use the cleaning agent by foaming it with the supplied sponge, clean the product with a sponge, rinse with plenty of water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. You get the best result when you finish the cleaning with the Hagerty Silver Duster cleaning cloth. The end result is instant shine.

Silverware, such as silverware, retains its shine better when used regularly. For minor darkening, it is often sufficient to use only Hagerty's silver cleaning cloth to clean and polish the surface of the silver object.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry with Hagerty Products

Cleaning silver jewelry at home is easy and should be done regularly. Hagerty Silver Clean silver cleaner and Hagerty Silver Duster silver cleaning cloth work perfectly for cleaning and polishing silver jewelry. The cleaning agent works as an effective cleaner and the cleaning cloth finishes the surface shiny. The cleaning cloth can also be used alone when the silver surface is not significantly darkened and you want to brighten it. Both products are also suitable for cleaning silver-plated jewelry.

Hagerty's selection also includes the Silver Care silver protective agent, which, in addition to cleaning, polishes the silver surface and leaves a protective agent against darkening. The silver protective agent is also suitable for both silver jewelry and silver-plated jewelry.

Cleaning Gold and Platinum Jewelry with Hagerty's Jewelry Cleaner

Hagerty's range of cleaners includes a special Hagerty Jewel Clean cleaner for gold and platinum jewelry and jewelry with diamonds or other hard gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires. The effective and easy-to-use product contains cleaning liquid, a dipping basket and a soft cleaning brush. Place the jewelry in the immersion basket and lower the basket into the cleaning liquid. Move the basket lightly and leave it on for two minutes. A brush can be used to remove stubborn stains if necessary. When the treatment is finished, rinse the jewelry in running water and dry with soft paper or a towel.

Hagerty Cleaning Agents for Jewelry and Silverware Conveniently Online

In our online store, you can find high-quality Hagerty cleaning products for silver jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, and silverware. In the selection, you will find a suitable product even for diamond jewelry that is more difficult to clean. Hagerty products have a long tradition. The company was founded in 1895 and made its breakthrough with conditioners intended for silver. Today, Hagerty is known for its high-quality products in more than 60 countries. Get to know the products and order the correct cleaning products for your jewelry!

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