Handcrafted in Finland Since 1972

Silván jewelry is Laatukoru's own diamond jewelry brand, whose jewelry is made in our own workshop in Finland in the city of Hyvinkää. Only the best materials are used in the manufacture of our jewelry, such as 14K and 18K white, yellow and rose gold, as well as platinum. The gold we use is 100% ecological recycled gold.

Avainlipputunnus Laatukorun Silván-koruilla

Handcrafted in Finland

In 2009, Silván jewelry was awarded the Key Flag of the Finnish Union. This mark recognises that the product has been manufactured in Finland. In our workshop in Finland, in a small community, Silván jewelry is made for our customers' most important moments in life. The production of Silván jewelry is a combination of traditional goldsmith work and new technology.

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Silvan-korut on valmistettu 100 prosenttisesti kierrätetystä kullasta

Made of Ecological Recycled Gold

The gold we use in Silván jewelry is 100% recycled, which we also collect from our customers in our physical stores in the form of old gold jewelry and other gold products. This "old gold" that we buy from our customers is melted down, cleaned and processed into fine gold, after which the fine gold ends up as material for new Silván jewelry.

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Silvan-korujen timantit on vastuullisia ja sertifioituja

Responsible and Ethical

All diamonds used in Silván jewelry have been selected on ethical and environmentally friendly grounds. We always require a written certificate from our suppliers about the origin and ethics of the diamonds. Our GIA certified diamonds are fully traceable. Silván diamond jewelry is always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and diamonds over 0.50 ct are also accompanied by a GIA certificate.

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Silván-korujen valmistus Laatukorun verstaalla

Silván Jewelry - Handcrafted in Finland

The production of Silván jewelry is a combination of traditional goldsmith work and new technology. In our jewelry collection, you can find hundreds of wonderful rings, from traditional solitaire rings and diamond bands to sparkling halo rings and vintage-inspired rings. In addition, we have popular curved rings available that are easy to combine with other Silván rings. Check out the range of Silván jewelry and order today!

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