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Gold pearl earrings with genuine freshwater pearls, 14K yellow gold
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Silván timanttikorvakorut 0,015ct helmillä, 14K keltakultaa, Silván timanttikorut - Silván - Laatukoru
Gold earrings with 5mm green zirconia stone, 14K yellow gold
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Kalevala Mininugget Earrings, Art by Kalevala
Save 20%
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Ring earrings, gold, 3135197
Sale price159,00 €
Ring earrings, gold, 3135062
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Gold ball earrings, 8mm ball, 14K yellow gold
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Gold ball earrings, 5mm ball, 14K yellow gold
Save 26%
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Gold earrings with 5,5mm clear zirconia stone, 14K yellow gold
Save 24%
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Ring earrings, gold, 3135130
Sale price236,00 €
Heart earrings, gold, 3135104
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Gold earrings with 5mm clear zirconia stone, 14K yellow gold
Save 26%
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Silván diamond earrings 0,10ct, 14K white gold, Silván diamond jewellery
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White gold earrings with 5mm zirconia stone, 14K white gold
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Lumoava Nefer yellow gold earrings
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Lumoava Cloudberry gold stud earrings
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Cross earrings, gold, 3135064
Sale price123,00 €
Kalevala Dayream Earrings, Yellow Gold, Kalevala Modern
Save 20%
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Kalevala House heart earrings, 14K gold, Kalevala Originals
Save 20%
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Gold earrings with 5mm zirconia stone, 14K yellow gold
Save 27%
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Gold ball earrings, 6mm ball, 14K yellow gold
Save 25%
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Ring earrings, gold, 3135198
Sale price223,00 €
Kalevala Circle of Light Earrings, Yellow Gold, Kalevala Modern
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Silván Henrietta Diamond Earrings 0,01ct, White gold, Silván Diamond Jewelry
Save 25%
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Lumoava Feather earrings gold
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Silván diamond earrings 0,12ct, 14K white gold, Silván diamond jewellery
Save 25%
Sale price579,00 € Regular price772,00 €
Ring earrings, gold, 3135215
Sale price138,00 €

Gold Earrings with Fast Delivery

In our online store you can find a wide selection of high-quality gold earrings . Gold earrings are a luxurious, valued gift - gold earrings sparkle beautifully together with their wearer. Classic gold earrings are also always a stylish choice for every situation. With us, you can find gold earrings as earrings, elegant studs and more spectacular models.

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Unique Golden Earrings Made to Order

In Laatukoru's own Silván diamond jewelry selection, you can find high-quality domestic diamond earrings in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Silván earrings are also made to order according to your wishes. If you are interested in a different diamond stone size, material, or if you want to customize one of our ready-made models, or if you want to make your own unique earrings, please contact our customer service!

Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold Earrings

The Gold Earrings available in our online store are made of 14 or 18 carat gold. In 14 carat gold, the proportion of fine gold is 58.5 percent, in which case it is stamped with the mark 585, and in 18 carat gold, the proportion of fine gold is 75 percent, in which case it is stamped with the mark 750. Fine gold as such is too soft to make jewelry and is therefore hardened by mixing other metals into it.

By adding different metals to gold, different shades of gold are also made: yellow, white and rose gold. Yellow gold is obtained by mixing silver and copper with gold. The gold alloy called rose gold, red gold and rose gold, on the other hand, is obtained by increasing the copper content of the mixture. White gold, on the other hand, is obtained by mixing, for example, palladium with gold. The shade of white gold is gray or yellowish and sometimes white gold jewelry is rhodium plated to create a light surface. Rhodium plating means coating white gold or other metal with rhodium metal electrolytically.

Gold Earrings from the Silván Collection

In the range of Silván gold earrings, you can find a wide variety of gold earrings. We make all Silván earrings and other jewelry in our collection by hand in Laatukoru's own jewelry workshop in Hyvinkää, Finland. A dozen professional goldsmiths work at the workshop, each of whom has their own specialized area of ​​expertise. All Silván earrings are made to the customer's order, and our ready-made jewelry models can also be modified to your liking. We also make completely unique diamond earrings based on our customers' wishes.

Silván gold earrings are always made from the best materials: 14 or 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold. The gold we use is 100 percent recycled and thanks to careful processing and cleaning, it is always free from the taxes of new gold. By using recycled gold, the valuable material is recovered and reused. This reduces the environmental impact of gold production and the need for new gold mining. The diamonds in our jewelry are also selected with exact criteria. We buy diamonds from large, European diamond exchanges that are committed to complying with industry standards. Diamonds are conflict-free and we require responsibility, such as observing human rights in the various stages of production, taking environmental impacts into account, maintaining safe and responsible work practices and supporting local communities. The diamond trade also does not support the financing of rebel movements. We always require a written certificate from our suppliers about the origin and ethics of the diamonds. The Silván diamond earrings come with a certificate of authenticity for the customer, which shows the quality and authenticity of the diamonds.

The Silván jewelry collection is named after Keijo Silván, the founder of Laatukoru, who started making jewelry in the basement of his home in 1972. Now in its third generation, the family business manufactures Silván diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry in the footsteps of its founder Keijo Silván.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Gold Earrings

Gold is an ideal material for earrings: it is easy to work with, has a beautiful color and luster, and does not change color much over time. Gold is also a safe material for the wearer of earrings, because gold jewelry is well tolerated and rarely causes allergic reactions. Although gold jewelry does not darken like, for example, silver jewelry, it can still get dirty and lose its shine. With the right maintenance interval and home care, you will keep your gold and diamond earrings sparkling for a long time. Gold earrings should be regularly serviced by a professional.

Gold jewelry brought to the Lautakoru store is sent to our workshop, where it is serviced by a professional goldsmith. At the workshop, the jewelry is cleaned, polished and possible gemstones are checked. Gold earrings are cleaned with detergents intended for cleaning jewelry and with an ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner precisely cleans dirt even from those earrings that are difficult or impossible to clean by hand. In the processing of our goldsmiths, the earrings become almost as good as new.

In between maintenance, you should also regularly clean the gold earrings yourself. Gold earrings can be cleaned and polished with cleaning cloths intended for gold jewelry. The cloth can be used dry or moistened in mild soapy water. There are also detergents intended for gold jewelry, but home cleaning can also be done with ordinary dishwashing detergent. Always use mild soapy water and clean the jewelry after soaking for a while with a soft sponge or brush. When cleaning gold jewelry at home, it is important not to use abrasive substances or too hard brushes or sponges. After cleaning and rinsing, gold jewelry should be dried with a soft cloth.

Gold earrings are eternal and remain beautiful for a long time with regular cleaning and maintenance. Also pay attention to the correct storage of jewelry and avoid exposing them to excessive chemicals or temperature fluctuations. Always keep gold and diamond earrings separate from other jewelry and take them off when you go swimming or sauna

Golden Earrings from Laatukoru

In Laatukoru's versatile selection of gold earrings, you can find earrings from the Silván collection as well as gold earrings from well-known brands. The selection includes different styles, such as different hoop earrings, restrained stud earrings and more spectacular models, with or without diamonds. Check out the selection and find an option that suits your style!

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