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Characterized as antique, cushion sanding is cushion-shaped sanding with a romanticism from decades or even centuries ago. The cushion-cut square stone has rounded corners and large step-like bevels, which create a unique look for the stone. It is particularly impressive as the center stone of a ring, on its own or framed with smaller diamonds. Discover our cushion-cut diamond rings.

Cushion-cut diamond

Cushion sanding, which is popular around the world, got its name from its pillow-like appearance, and in Finland this sanding is also more familiarly called cushion sanding. Cushion cut stone has 58-64 facets, rounded corners and stepped large bevels. Its brilliance does not rise to the level of many other diamond cuts, but it has its own unique and romantic appearance. The cushion-cut stone breathes the romance of past decades and is the perfect choice for those looking for a ring with a vintage feel.

Diamond grinding creates an interaction with light

The cut of a diamond is the most important factor in determining the price of a diamond, because it has the greatest influence on the beauty of the diamond and its brilliance. Other factors include the weight, color and clarity of the diamond. The four factors that influence the value of a diamond are internationally called the 4Cs, i.e. cut (cut), Carat (weight), color (color) and clarity (purity). Of all four factors, grinding is technically the most difficult to analyze. Once a diamond has been successfully cut, the diamond's dimensions, facets and reference sets work to create a perfect interaction with light. Diamond grinding requires the right proportions, so that the light directed at it is reflected back through the largest bevel at the top of the stone, i.e. the face of the diamond. The lower part of the stone cannot be too deep or shallow, but just the right length so that the stone looks bright and lively.

Silván diamond ring with cushion-cut morganite imitation

The diamond ring from the Silván collection has a pink cushion-cut stone of morganite imitation. The large center stone is flanked by small emerald-cut diamonds. This ring does not lack showiness, but at the same time it is very romantic and vintage style. The ring is available with a yellow gold and white gold frame.

Responsible Silván rings

All Silván diamond rings are handcrafted in Laatokuru's own goldsmith workshop in Hyvinkää, where a dozen skilled goldsmiths work. The Silván jewelry collection is named after Keijo Silván, the founder of Laatokoru, who started making jewelry in the basement of his home in 1972. Now in its third generation, the family business manufactures Silván diamond rings and other diamond jewelry in the footsteps of its founder Keijo Silván.

Silván diamond rings are always made from the best materials: 14 or 18 carat gold. The gold we use is 100 percent recycled and thanks to careful processing and cleaning, it is always free from the taxes of new gold. By using recycled gold, we reduce the environmental impact of gold production and the need for new gold mining.

We select the diamonds used in the rings and other jewelry of the Silván collection with precise criteria. We buy diamonds from large, European diamond exchanges that are committed to complying with industry standards. Diamonds are conflict-free and we require responsibility, such as respecting human rights in the different stages of production, taking environmental impacts into account, maintaining safe and responsible work practices and supporting local communities. We always require a written certificate from our suppliers about the origin and ethics of the diamonds. The Silván diamond earrings come with a certificate of authenticity for the customer, which shows the quality and authenticity of the diamonds.

Cushion-cut diamond rings from the Laatokoru online store

The striking step-like cushion sanding has a special look that has been called antique. Cushion-grinding, which is popular in the world and has grown in popularity in Finland as well, is especially suitable for large center stones and can be used to create spectacular and romantic ring designs. Fall in love with the cushion-cut diamond rings from the Silván collection!

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