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Would you like to find a stylish card case for yourself or as a gift? C-Secure card cases and security wallets protect the copying of your payment card and unauthorized contactless payments, and they also look stylish! There are several options to choose from, e.g. leather security wallets with an aluminum card case and stylish aluminum card cases. All C-Secure security wallets and card cases have an easy-to-use mechanism that raises the cards in stages. Read more about C-Secure's security wallets

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The C-Secure Security Wallet Prevents Copying of Your Payment Card

C-secure's security wallet brings security to everyday life and to carrying payment cards with you. It protects against copying of your payment card and unauthorized contactless payments. Various payment and credit cards as well as ID cards contain an RFID tag, the data of which can be copied without being noticed with a separate RFID skimming device. RFID skimming means illegally copying payment cards or other cards that use RFID technology, such as various travel permits. In skimming, copying is done with a wireless device that can read the information through fabric and leather. The C-secure security wallet has RFID protection, which effectively prevents skimming of your credit card. At the same time, you make sure that there are no unintentional contactless payments from your card. Skimming can happen without noticing, and even a momentary attention elsewhere is enough to copy the cards. By using the C-secure card case, you effectively prevent theft of your payment cards.

Stylish C-Secure Security Wallet

In C-secure security wallets, attention has been paid not only to safety, but also to style and usability. The security wallet has compartmentation that keeps the cards organized and easily accessible. The wallet has a mechanism that gradually raises the cards, which makes it easier to choose a card from the wallet. S-Secure security wallets also have a separate locker for bills and driver's license.

The C-secure security wallet is like any card case with RFID protection. The vacation bag is available in leather, artificial leather or only aluminum. Leather or artificial leather cases always have an aluminum interior, which prevents radio waves from entering the case. C-securen security wallets were designed in the Netherlands in 2013. The leather covers are high-quality Italian leather, produced responsibly with working conditions and the environment in mind. The aluminum interior has a patented sliding mechanism, which makes it much easier to use the holiday escape. The one-piece case holds 4–7 cards and the two-piece case holds 14 cards. In addition to cards, the case can also hold bills and coins. In our selection, you can find security wallets of different sizes and colors. Wallets with a leather cover are also available with vintage-style leather upholstery.

C-Secure Card Case as a Gift

The C-securen security wallet is an excellent gift idea for someone who already feels like they have everything. With a responsible gift, you protect the payment cards of an important person from electronic theft companies. The C-secure wallet is easy to use and therefore suitable for people of all ages. The security wallet is useful for a child or young person using their first payment card, an elderly person, or any alert adult. Skimming attempts targeting children and the elderly can be attractive to thieves, but card copying with skimming devices that use radio waves is so imperceptible that special vigilance and consideration of the environment are not always enough to prevent card copying.

C-secure is also a popular business gift. The C-secure security wallet also protects access cards using RIFD technology from electronic theft. With the help of a security wallet, you can carry cards with you without worry, and you don't have to worry about them being copied.

C-secure Wallets from Laatukoru

The stylish S-secure security wallet is available in leather, synthetic leather and aluminum. The security wallet is available in different shades of brown, black and silver. The product is delivered in a gift box and has a 30-day exchange and return right. Check out the selection and protect your payment card from theft.

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