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Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK001K1 Watch
Sale price520,00 €
Seiko Kinetic SKA785P1 Watch
Sale price360,00 €
Seiko 5 Automatic Watch, SNKE01K1
Sale price210,00 €
Seiko Classic SUR639P1 Watch
Sale price210,00 €
Seiko Chronograph SSB445P1 rannekello
Seiko Chronograph SSB445P1 Watch
Sale price360,00 €
Seiko Chronograph SSB446P1 rannekello
Seiko Chronograph SSB446P1 Watch
Sale price400,00 €
Seiko SRZ534P1 Watch
Sale price560,00 €
Seiko Classic SUR307P1 Watch
Sale price280,00 €
Seiko Sapphire Titanium SUR377P1
Sale price430,00 €
Seiko 5 Sports SRE005K1, Watch
Sale price320,00 €

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Seiko story began in 1881, when only 21-year-old entrepreneur Kintaro Hattori founded a watch sales and repair shop in Tokyo. In the beginning, the company was called Seikosha, which started producing wall and pocket watches. The first Seiko wristwatch went on sale in 1924, which is where the success story of Seiko watches began. In our versatile selection you will find wonderful Seiko watches for both men and women.

Seiko Watches Are Japanese Quality

Seiko's professional product development is unparalleled. Seiko introduced the world's first quartz watch and kinetic technology to the market. Even today, Seiko watches are known for their uniquely high technology and their technological innovations are unmatched. Seiko is also known for the elegant and valuable appearance of its watches. Seiko has been successful not only in product development but also in designing timepieces for more than a hundred years.

Seiko's birth story goes back to 1881, when Kintarō Hattori opened a watch and jewelry shop in Tokyo. The young entrepreneur started his business by building and repairing clocks. A little later, at the age of 31, Hattori started a collaboration with engineer Tsuruhiko Yoshikawa, and together they founded a watch factory called Seikosha. Seikosha released its first pocket watch in 1895 and its first wristwatch in 1913. The great earthquake that happened in 1923 was a turning point for Seikosha and the Seiko watches that followed. When Seikosha's factories and warehouse were destroyed, Hattori did not give up but rebuilt his factory. A year later, the first Seiko watch was released, whose name was an abbreviation of Seikosha. At that time, Hattori believed that the quality of his products was already at such a good level that they would be sold in the West as well.

The Excellent Precision of Seiko Watches

Seiko means 'excellent' in Japanese, and the motto of Seiko's founder has been to be one step ahead of the competition. The company has succeeded in its goal in many ways. It has introduced the world's first quartz watch to the market, and Seiko's mechanism is used by several watch manufacturers around the world. The company was the first to introduce an automatic watch in Japan in the 1950s, and its Diashock shock absorption technology was better than any Japanese competitor at the time. Entering the 1960s, the company released the first Grand Seiko watch, aiming to be the world's best in precision and accuracy.

In 1964, Seiko was the official timekeeper of the Tokyo Olympics and it offered 1200 different stopwatches for timing the Olympics. As a tribute to the event, it released a commercial version of the chronograph watch, the first in the Japanese market. The Crown Chronograph was a chronograph that operated with one button technology. The chronograph was followed by the first diver's watch on the Japanese market, the Seiko Divers 150M, which is also the origin of the Seiko Prospex sports watch collection. In the late 1960s, several watch manufacturers competed to release the first automatic chronograph. In February 1969, Seiko won this race and launched the world's first automatic chronograph. In the same year, the company also released the world's first watch with quartz movement.

Seiko's innovations also include the Spring Drive movement, which is considered the most significant invention since the release of the quartz movement. In the Spring Drive mechanism, the escapement characteristic of mechanical watches has been replaced by a Tri-syncro regulator. In this way, an extremely accurate and elegantly finished mechanism has been created, with a second hand that moves smoothly without the stepping typical of mechanical and quartz watches.

The Most Popular Collections: Seiko 5, Seiko Prospex and Seiko Presage

In the selection of Seiko watches, you can find stylish watches for men and women. Seiko's most popular collections include Seiko 5, Seiko Presage and Seiko Prospex. Seiko manufactures its own watch mechanisms, which are also considered the best in the industry, and it has created numerous innovations in the watch industry with its long-term product development. The Seiko watch offers its user a top-quality watch at a good price-quality ratio.

The first Seiko 5 wristwatch was released in 1963, and the current Seiko 5 watches still cherish this legacy born 50 years ago. The Seiko 5 is made for challenging conditions and its name derives from its five most important features: automatic movement, day winding, water resistance, recessed knob and durable construction. Seiko 5 is a sure choice for those who require a long life and durability from their watch.

The Seiko Presage watch, on the other hand, can be described as an elegant and timeless dress watch. Seiko has been producing top-quality mechanical watches for a century, and the Presage collection showcases Seiko's decades of experience and craftsmanship. The advanced technology of the Presage watch makes it very reliable, and its precisely finished details make it a stylish option as a timeless dress watch.

The Prospex collection represents Seiko's sporty and high-level sports watch. The watches in the selection have watches with high-quality features for land, sea and air. Each watch of its kind is designed to meet the special requirements of the industry. Especially in diving watches, Seiko has invested in new innovations. The Prospex collection includes, among other things, the first Prospex diving watch with a light titanium body, the first diving watch with a quartz mechanism and a new type of analog-digital hybrid watch.

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In our online store you can find high-quality Seiko watches with excellent accuracy for men and women. The selection covers the popular collections Seiko 5, Seiko Prospex and Seiko Presage as well as other stylish Seiko watches. We always deliver Seiko watches in their original packaging and with free delivery. Check out our comprehensive selection of Seiko watches and order your favorite!

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