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Capture your dearest and most important moments! In our selection you will find a versatile selection of baptismal albums, which are also available with engraving. You can also find The Association of Friends of the University Children's Hospital, Kummit Ry baptism album from our selection. Laatukoru Oy donates 10% of the sold gifts decorated with Teemu-nalle logos to the Kummit Ry. The donation will be used to purchase pre-school cabinets for children's clinics. Check out our versatile selection!

Beautiful Baby Photo Albums with Engraving

It is customary to record pictures of the child's christening party or other important pictures of the baby in the baptismal album. While the baptism album records important photos, it also functions as a baptismal frame on top of the shelf. A beautiful frame with engravings is beautiful to look at and also a meaningful memory with all the pictures. In our online store, you will not only find several teddy bear-themed baptismalbums, baptismalbums with ready-made engravings, and imitation leather baptismalbums in pink and light blue.

You can engrave, for example, the child's name and date of birth in the baptismal album. In addition, our selection includes baptismal albums with ready-made engraving places with important birth information. These include name, date of birth, birth weight and birth height. The birth information goes with the important photos and it's nice to return to them when the child grows up.

Babtism Album as a Christening Gift

As a godparent, it's nice to give your godchild something that will remain as a memory for a long time. A christening album is the most wonderful christening or name gift from a godfather or other important adult. In the baptismalbum you can record, for example, pictures of the christening day or naming ceremony or pictures from the child's first months. Such important pictures are saved and will remain as a memory as the child grows up. There are various photo albums to choose from that are suitable as a christening or christening gift. Many albums can also be engraved with important information, such as the child's name, date of birth, birth weight and birth height. Engraving always makes a gift a little more special.

Donate with the Album of The Association of Friends of the University Children's hospitals

In our selection, you can also find the baptismal album of The Association of Friends of the University Children's hospitals with the familiar Teemu-teddy as a decoration and engraving places for important birth information. We donate 10 percent of the sales of albums decorated with the Teemu teddy bear to The Association of Friends of the University Children's hospitals. The donation supports the research and development work done to support small patients, as well as the comfort of small patients. The Kummit album from The Association of Friends of the University Children's hospitals is suitable as a wonderful christening gift, which will bring joy to the little gift recipient and his family, and at the same time you can do good for the benefit of little patients.

baby Photo Album Easily Online

Check out our comprehensive selection of baptism albums. A babtism album is a wonderful gift for a newborn or an important gift for a child from a godparent. Baptism albums have different subjects, such as a teddy bear, Mr. Hakkarainen, a rocking horse, a train and other topics suitable for children. Many baptismal albums contain places for several fotos, and also serve as a baptismal frame on the bookshelf. Often, the baptismal frame can also be engraved with the child's name and the most important birth information, such as date of birth, weight and height. Discover wonderful christening gift ideas or buy for your own newborn.

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