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Silver Venice pendant chain
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Silver Anchor pendant chain
Sale price63,00 €
Ti Sento Milano necklace, silver, 3771SI
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Sale priceFrom 44,00 € Regular price55,00 €
Stelle Curd Chain Necklace, Silver, 0007HK2002
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Sale price74,00 € Regular price99,00 €
Stelle Curb Chain Necklace, Silver, 0007HK2000
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Sale price58,00 € Regular price78,00 €
Ti Sento Milano necklace, yellow gold plated silver, 3933SY
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Golden Bean Chain, 4mm Thick
Sale priceFrom 1.013,00 €
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Golden Cordell Chain, 2.7mm Thick
Sale priceFrom 612,00 €
Kalevala ovaalipapuketju, keltakulta 42/45/50 cm
Kalevala ankkuriketju, keltakulta 42/45/50 cm
Stelle Curb Chain Necklace, Yellow Gold-Plated Silver, 1656HK0032
Save 25%
Sale price141,00 € Regular price189,00 €
Stelle Rope Chain Necklace, Silver, 0513HK0007
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Sale price59,00 € Regular price79,00 €
Stelle Rolo Necklace, Yellow Gold-Plated Silver, 0014HK2033
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Sale price81,00 € Regular price109,00 €
Golden Anchor Chain, 3mm Thick
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Sale price2.595,00 € Regular price3.450,00 €
Ti Sento Milano necklace, yellow gold plated silver, 34030SY
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Sale priceFrom 199,00 € Regular price249,00 €
Ti Sento Milano necklace, sterling silver, 34030SI
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Sale priceFrom 159,00 € Regular price199,00 €
Ti Sento Milano necklace, silver, 3830SI
Save 20%
Sale priceFrom 36,00 € Regular price45,00 €

In Laatukoru online store, you can find the most popular silver and gold necklaces, which are suitable for use either on their own or with a pendant. For example, an curb chain or a box chain are popular gift ideas regardless of age or gender.

Silver and Gold Pendant Chains

In the selections of our online store, you can find silver and gold pendants and necklaces. Silver necklaces are also available in yellow gold and rose gold versions, in which case the silver surface is coated with real gold. The advantage of a gold-plated chain is its price. It is significantly more affordable, but looks exactly the same as the corresponding gold chain. Over time, the gilding wears off the surface of the silver, but you shouldn't lose the jewelry because you can take it to a goldsmith to be gilded again. This way the necklace will be like new.

A Necklace as a Gift

The necklace is a stylish gift idea. Give a necklace with a pendant as a gift or a more special chain model just as it is. The neck chain is a stylish piece of jewelry to be worn on its own, combined with other chains or with a pendant. Necklaces and pendant chains are available in different thicknesses and lengths and in different designs. The selection of our online store covers familiar chain models such as rolo chain, curb chain, box chain and anchor chain. In addition to these, there are slightly more special chain models, such as rope chains and cordell chains. You can string a pendant on each chain or use the chain as it is. The brave wearer also combines shades of different metals. Today, yellow and white gold are also allowed to be combined with each other, or a silver chain can be worn together with a rose gold chain.

How to Keep Your Pendant Correctly

Silver and gold pendants and necklaces should be repaired regularly, and with chains it is also especially important to store them. The chain is susceptible to tangling with other jewelry. Always store your pendants and necklaces separately from other jewelry and preferably in their own boxes.

Silver and gold chains made of precious metals last forever when properly maintained. The silver chain is susceptible to tarnishing due to sulfur compounds in the air. Sometimes different skin care products and chemicals can also darken the surface of silver quickly. The PH value of the skin also affects the darkening of the silver chain, the PH value of one skin darkens the silver faster than the other. However, silver can always be cleaned and polished again. You can clean the silver surface with a soft cloth intended for it, and a good way is to do a light cleaning every time after use. When the silver chain gets dark enough, it's no longer enough to clean everything. In this case, it is recommended to clean with, for example, a foaming paste intended for cleaning silver. In difficult cases, you should take the chain to be cleaned by a professional and at the same time you can also request polishing.

A gold chain is ideal because it does not darken with use like a silver chain. However, the gold chain can get dirty and lose its shine over time. The gold chain can be cleaned and polished with the cloth intended for it, and mild soapy water can also be used as an aid. There are cleaning agents for gold jewelry on sale, but you can just as well use mild dishwashing liquid to clean gold jewelry. If the gold chain is badly worn or dirty, you should take it to a professional for maintenance. Laatokoru's own goldsmiths also maintain jewelry at our jewelry workshop in Hyvinkää, Finland. The workshop uses, among other things, an ultrasonic cleaner intended for cleaning jewelry, which removes dirt and tarnish from even the most difficult crevices. An ultrasonic cleaner is the ideal tool for cleaning necklaces, as it cleans the entire surface of the jewelry and also where a cloth or sponge cannot reach.

Pendant Chains and Necklaces from Laatukoru Online Store

In our online store you can find different pendant chains and necklaces. Chains are available in silver, gold and with different shades of gold coating. You can find familiar chain models in our selection, such as rolo chains, curb chains, box chain and anchor chain. Check out the chain models and order your favorite pendant as a friend or to use as is!

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