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Garmin Lily Classic and Sport - Stylish Smart Watches with Versatile Features

Smartwatches from the Garmin Lily collection are designed with style in mind. The Lily collection consists of Garmin Lily Classic and Garmin Lily Sport models. The watches of the Classic model have an Italian leather strap, while the strap of the Sport models is Garmin's familiar, well-resistant silicone strap. With Lily smartwatches, you can easily monitor activity and health around the clock and receive smart notifications from your phone directly on your wrist!

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Garmin Lily - For Those Looking for a Special Style

Garmin Lily watches are perfectly suited to be combined with different outfits and at the same time for monitoring daily activity. The Lily model is available with a classic or sporty look and in different color options. The case of Lily watches is made of fiber-reinforced polymer, the frames are made of stainless steel or titanium, and the bracelets are made of silicone or leather. The screen and case of the Garmin Lily watch is slightly thinner than normal, only about 34 mm wide, and its elegantly textured lens is durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3. You can also combine different bracelets with your Lily watch and thus change the style of the watch quickly.

Smart Notifications with Garmin Lily Smart Features

With the smart notifications of the Garmin Lily watch, you stay connected, get useful reports and save yourself from carrying your other devices with you all the time. When you pair your watch with a compatible smartphone, you get emails, text messages and alarms directly on your watch. If you have an Andropid phone, also reply to messages without a phone. With the calendar feature, you can also conveniently see the day's program on the screen of your watch.

With the Lily clock, you start your morning efficiently with the Morning Report. With the morning report, you can quickly get a summary of the weather, your Body Battery energy level, your step goals, your menstrual cycle or the stage of your pregnancy, and the first calendar event of the day. You can also sync your watch with the Garmin Connect app and view all your health and fitness data in one place.

Heart Rate Measurement Directly from Your Wrist

The Garmin Lily smartwatch has a wrist heart rate sensor that constantly monitors your heart rate and alerts you if your heart rate stays too high or low while you are at rest. With wrist heart rate measurement, you can also monitor your heart rate during performance. The Lily watch also has a useful pulse oximeter sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation around the clock and tells you how well your body is using oxygen.

Continuous Well-Being Monitoring with the Lily Watch

This watch has plenty of useful features for its size. With Garmin Lily's well-being features, you get to know your body better and improve your well-being. Important features for your well-being include advanced sleep monitoring, Body Battery energy monitoring, stress monitoring, monitoring of women's well-being, hydration monitoring and breathing monitoring.

Keep the watch on your wrist as much as possible, even while sleeping, and you will get the best interpretations of your body's condition. With Garmin's advanced sleep monitoring, you get valuable information about the quality of your sleep. The feature scores your sleep and tells you how you could sleep better. In addition to basic information, advanced sleep monitoring tells you how long your light, deep and REM sleep was. With sleep data, you can better understand the complex relationship between the daily activities and the quality of your sleep at night.

The Body Battery feature helps with energy management. With it, you get customized information about the effects of exercise, stress, relaxation and sleep, and you can manage your energy effectively. With advanced technology, you can see how different activities and choices affect your health and learn what works best for you. The 24/7 stress monitoring and Firstbeat analysis function of the Garmin Lily smartwatch, on the other hand, evaluates your stress levels primarily by combining information on heart rate and heart rate variability. The analysis functions that follow your stress levels are designed to identify and adapt to your personal situation.

In the women's well-being monitoring feature aimed at women, you can monitor your menstrual cycle or pregnancy and receive reports on their effects on, for example, your training. The monitoring of the woman's well-being works in the Garmin Connect application. In addition, the Lily watch allows you to monitor your hydration and set hydration reminders, as well as track your breathing throughout the day, while you sleep and during exercises.

With Fitness Features, Activity for Every Day

Garmin Lily's fitness features and sports apps help you add more activity to your day. The activity tracking features count your steps, distance traveled, calories and power minutes, among other things. Power minutes tell you in which sport and when you have been most active.

A selection of preinstalled sports profiles challenges you to try new sports and improve your performance. The Lily watch has running, cycling and swimming profiles. By connecting your watch to the GPS function of a compatible smartphone, you can also track your walking, cycling and running runs precisely. The watch also has preinstalled profiles for gym exercises and automatic counting of repetitions. Preloaded gym exercise profiles include strength, cardio and cross trainer training, stair climbing, yoga, pilates and breathing.

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