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Kultainen nenäkoru kirkkaalla zirkonialla, 14K keltakulta
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Kultainen nenäkoru, 2,5mm pallo, 14K keltakulta
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A necklace is a trendy accessory and with nose rings and studs is important to prefer genuine and non-allergenic materials. The nose jewelry in our selection are made entirely of 14 carat gold and are safe to use even on sensitive skin. Check out our selection and order lovely nose jewelry with express delivery.

Delightful Nose Jewelry Easily Online

The Nose Jewelry available in our online store are made of 14 carat yellow gold. You can choose a nose jewlery with a golden 2.5 mm ball decoration or one with a clear zirconia stone with a prong setting. The earrings have an L-shaped pin that is carefully inserted into the piercing hole. The stud is designed so that it is easy to insert into the piercing, and in addition, the L-shape ensures that the jewelry stays firmly in place. The L-shaped Earring is particularly suitable for those who like to change their jewelry a lot, because it comes off easily and is easy to put back in place.

Gold as the Material of the Nose Jewelry

Gold is an excellent material for earrings, as it has a beautiful color and luster, and does not change color much over time. Real gold is also a safe material for the wearer of earrings. Gold jewelry is well tolerated and rarely causes allergic reactions. You should be careful with the materials of the nose jewelry as well as the materials of the earrings, because the jewelry is attached to the piercing.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Gold Earrings

Gold jewelry does not darken like silver jewelry, but gold jewelry also gets dirty and loses its luster with use. However, you can maintain your jewelry so that it remains shiny and bright for a long time. Gold jewelry should be cleaned at regular intervals by an expert, who can also check that the stones are still attached. When you bring your jewelry to our store, we send it to the workshop to be cleaned by our goldsmiths. This way your jewelry will be almost like new.

You should also clean your gold jewelry regularly. With the cleaning cloths intended for gold jewelry, you can clean and polish the surface of the gold even after each use. The cloth can be used dry or moistened in mild soapy water. There are special cleaning agents for gold jewelry, but a mild dishwashing liquid does the job just as well. Always use mild soapy water and clean the jewelry after soaking for a while with a soft sponge or brush. When cleaning gold jewelry at home, it is important not to use abrasive substances or too hard brushes or sponges. After cleaning and rinsing, gold jewelry should be dried with a soft cloth. And also remember that gold jewelry should be stored in its own boxes, separate from other jewelry.

Your gold earrings will last forever as long as you maintain them regularly. Also pay attention to the correct storage of jewelry and avoid exposing them to excessive chemicals or temperature fluctuations. Always keep gold and diamond earrings separate from other jewelry and take them off when you go swimming or sauna.

Trendy Yellow Gold Earring Easily Online

A necklace is a popular accessory, especially among young people. In our online store you can find yellow gold earrings with or without zircons. The jewelry has an easy L-pin fastening, which guarantees easy fastening and changing of the nose ring. The material of the jewelry is 14 carat yellow gold, which is an allergy-friendly and very shiny material for nose jewelry. Check out our nose jewelry and order your favorite easily online!

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