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Lumoava Love bracelet, red gold plated silver
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Swarovski Hollow kristallirannekoru, valkoinen
Swarovski Hollow crystal bracelet, white
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Women's and Men's Bracelets

In our online store you can find numerous bracelets as well as bracelets and wrist chains in gold, silver, bronze, and steel! With us you can find classic rolo chain bracelets in yellow and white gold, men's steel bracelets from Sector and many fashionable bracelets, chains and bangles from several different manufacturers, such as Kalevala, Swarovski and Lumoava.

Express Your Style with a Beautiful Bracelet

A bracelet is a beautiful accessory that communicates the wearer's style. The bracelet works just as well in everyday life as it does at a party. In everyday use, a smaller bracelet can be more practical, but for a party, understated, stylish bracelets as well as big and showy ones are suitable. The size and appearance of the bracelet always depends on the user's preferences, and there are no rules or labels associated with the use of bracelets. You can freely combine different styles and play around with bracelets, as long as you always choose jewelry that matches your preferences. In this case, the bracelet will also be used and will not end up unused at the bottom of the jewelry box.

Give a Silver Bracelet as a Gift

The most popular material for women's bracelets is silver, which is offered as gold-plated in yellow gold or rose gold. You can find silver bracelets at Kalevala, Lumoava, TI Sento and Thomas Sabo.

A silver bracelet is a great gift idea and it reminds the giver of the gift for a long time. A silver bracelet is suitable as a gift for a mother, godchild, spouse or friend. Different meanings are often attached to jewelry gifts. In Laatukoru's selection you will find several different bracelets with beautiful stories. You should look for meaningful jewelry gifts at least in Kalevala and Lumoava bracelets.

When choosing a gift, you should always find out what kind of jewelry the recipient of the gift particularly likes. Is the recipient of the gift more of a fan of flashy bracelets or a representative of a more restrained style? Does she like the sparkle of different gemstones or prefer stoneless options? The color of the metal is also often relevant, one prefers gold colored jewelry and the other prefers silver. Those who like the shade of yellow gold can be delighted with a gold-plated silver bracelet. The gold-plated surface is not permanent in the jewelry, but it can also be renewed with a new coating. which is done by professional goldsmiths. At Laatukoru's own workshop in Hyvinkää, you can also have your beloved bracelet repaired and polished by a professional goldsmith.

Beautiful Women's Bracelets from Well-Known Brands

The selection of our online store includes women's bracelets and bracelets from well-known brands. In the Kalevala jewelry selection, you can find traditional and modern bracelets as well as bracelets from the Art by Kalevala collection. Kalevala bracelets are made of silver and bronze. Lumoava's selection, on the other hand, offers silver bracelets for different styles. If you have bracelets with sparkling stones in mind, you should check out Swarovski bracelets and bracelets. The material of Swarovski's bracelets is Swarovski's own jewelry metal, which is either rhodium-plated to light platinum or gold-plated to yellow or rose gold. In addition, in our selection you will find silver bracelets from the Italian TI Sento and the German Thomas Sabo.

Men's Bracelets in Silver, Steel and Leather

Men's bracelets are typically made of silver, steel or leather. Men's bracelets have their own robust style, but men's bracelets are just as well worn by women. Our versatile selection of men's bracelets includes models from well-known brands such as Lumoava, Kalevala, Sector and Son of Noa. Steel armor chains with different color coatings are also available.

You can find silver men's bracelets in the Lumoava and Kalevala collections. Check out the popular Toivo and Warrior bracelets from Lumoava or Roihu and Vilho bracelets from Kalevala Elämä. On the other hand, you can find different options with leather bracelets in the collections of Lumoava and Sector. Lumoava combines silver with leather bracelets, while Sector's men's bracelets have steel as a companion to leather. In the Sector collections, you can also find bracelets made entirely of steel. Son of Noah's men's steel bracelets are available in both steel grey and gold.

A Versatile Selection of Bracelets from the Laatukoru Online Store

We have a versatile selection of bracelets in different styles and made of different materials. You can find women's and men's bracelets and unisex models from well-known brands. We deliver the bracelets in the manufacturers' original packaging and with fast deliveries. Check out the collection and order your favorite for yourself or as a gift!

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