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Kalevala Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise series is part of the Kalevala Originals collection, where the rich ornamentation of jewelry brings the voice of past generations to us. Birds of Paradise jewelry is exemplified by a piece of jewelry "hämäläinen juhlakääty", which dates from around 800 A.D.

Multi-row bronze chains were worn at that time by a powerful man in Häme, Finland. The chains connected two slabs in the shape of a church vault, where the cup of the water of life was guarded by two peacocks. It is not known for sure what the paradise symbol of early Christian art immortalized in jewelry meant to its wearer.

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The Timeless Design of Kalevala Birds of Paradise Jewelry

The primordial beauty of the design language of jewelry from the time of our ancestors, born in the hands of ancient blacksmiths, still speaks to us and inspires today's designers. The silver and bronze jewelry of the Birds of Paradise series is a reinterpretation of an old classic and brings classic shapes from 800 AD. again available to today's jewelry wearers. The Birds of Paradise collection, together with other jewelry from the Kalevala Originals collection, conveys a strong message of timelessness. One of the most important themes of Kalevala jewelry is to make jewelry that lasts over time and strive to break away from disposable culture.

The jewelry collection of the Birds of Paradise series includes various earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Some of the jewelry is more delicate in terms of aesthetics and some are strong eye-catchers.

A Spectacular Kalevala Birds of Paradise Necklace

The example of the Birds of Paradise necklace is the "Hämäläinen juhlakääty", the meaning of which is not fully known. However, it has been speculated that the wearer believed that the jewelry contained power. The wearer of the Birds of Paradise necklace also feels powerful and is guaranteed to be noticed as well. The big Birds of Paradise necklace is available in silver and bronze, which have been oxidized a little darker. The length of the necklace is 70 cm and it can be shortened by removing the chain between the chain carriers. The chain can also be used as a bracelet if desired.

In addition to the large coil, the Birds of Paradise necklace is also available in a slightly more restrained version. The necklace has a pendant part in the shape of an arch, patterned on both sides, from which six parallel anchor chains hang. The length of the necklace can be adjusted to 80 cm or 80 cm long and it can also be worn twice. Parrot lock. The silver and bronze of this Birds of Paradise model is clear.

Birds of Paradise Earrings in Silver or Bronze

Birds of Paradise earrings have an alternative for fans of both hook and pin fastening. In the long hanging earrings, six anchor chains that reach the shoulders hang from the arch-shaped plate. The model is available with pin and hook fastening, and both models in bright silver and bronze. In addition, the silver Paratiisi earrings are also available in a shorter version. The length of the short model is 28 mm.

Kalevala Birds of Paradise Bracelet as the Finisher of the Outfit

The old classic also gets a new interpretation in the form of the Birds of Paradise bracelet. A bracelet completes a party look or brightens up everyday wear. Combine the bracelet with other Birds of Paradise jewelry or wear it on its own. The bracelet is available in bright bronze and silver, and its length is adjustable between 16.6 and 19.5 cm.

Responsible Jewelry Design from Kalevala

Making long-lasting jewelry and breaking away from disposable culture is an important value for Kalevala jewelry. In addition, the Kalevala jewelry has invested in Finnish jewelry production, the circular economy and minimizing the carbon footprint. In addition, many other responsibility choices have been made in the company. All Kalevala jewelry is made at Kalevala's own jewelry factory in Konala, Helsinki. More than 80 jewelry professionals work at the jewelry factory, and each pair of jewelry goes through an average of ten pairs of hands during its manufacturing process. In this way, the factory's modern technology is combined with the centuries-old traditions of Finnish goldsmithing.

A large part of the precious metals in Kalevala jewelry are recycled. 95 percent of the silver used in silver jewelry is recycled and the remaining five percent comes from Nordic mines. Partially recycled bronze is also used for bronze jewelry. In addition, the jewelry factory located in Konala operates with renewable energy and has its own water purification plant, where the water used in the manufacture of jewelry is purified and partly recycled back into production.

Birds of Paradise Jewelry Classics from Laatukoru

As an authorized dealer of Kalevala jewelry, Laatukoru offers the jewelry of the Kalevala collection online and with express delivery. All Kalevala jewelry is delivered in its original packaging. The jewelry's story and care instructions are also included. Check out Birds of Paradise jewelry and other Kalevala jewelry, and order your favorite!

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