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Kalevala Novelties

Kalevala Novelties with Express Delivery

Check out the new Kalevala jewelry in our online store and order yours with express delivery! On this page you can find all Kalevala novelties and the most popular Kalevala jewelry and series, such as Circle of Light, Birds of Paradise, Arcs and many others. See all Kalevala jewelry here!

New Kalevala Collections Twice a Year

Kalevala publishes new products twice a year: in the spring and in the fall. In addition to these, there may also be individual new products, such as the highly popular Kalevala Christmas ornament and the Kalevala Pink Ribbon jewelry every year. In our online store, you can find all the new Kalevala jewelry on the day of publication and you can order them with express delivery!

Lovely Kalevala Novelties

No lover of Finnish jewelry wants to miss the Kalevala novelties published every spring and fall. Kalevala renews its own collection and brings current novelties to the market gradually during autumn and spring. Kalevala novelty jewelry is often inspired by popular and current Finnish designers. The Kalevala novelties are indeed the best Finnish design, where traditions are combined with current phenomena and trends.

Give Kalevala jewelry as a gift

Kalevala jewelry is a popular gift idea, and the collection has jewelry for almost every style. Kalevala's novelty jewelry is a good place to start if you are looking for a meaningful gift for, for example, a friend, spouse, godchild or mother. The popularity of Kalevala jewelry is based not only on the elaborate design but also on the stories and meanings behind the jewelry. Given as a gift and used, the story of the jewelry only grows and layers, and the timeless Kalevala jewelry lasts and is passed down from mother to daughter.

For Kalevala jewelry, timelessness is a choice. Kalevala's new model is not just a fashion craze according to the latest trend, but a piece of jewelry that always respects tradition and carries a strong message. The jewelry is designed to be used and to last for decades. Several jewelry designs have been selected by Kalevala for decades and some since the early years of the company, such as Hannunvaakuna, which has since received new interpretations in Kalevala novelty designs. The Kalevala jewelry has spoken to different generations for decades.

Finnish Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala jewelry is made at Kalevala's own factory in Konala, Helsinki. More than 80 jewelry professionals work at the factory, and during the manufacturing process, each pair of jewelry goes through an average of ten pairs of hands on its way from blank to finished jewelry. Kalevala jewelry honors the centuries-old tradition of goldsmithing while investing in modern production methods and tools.

At the Kalevala jewelry factory and production, is invested in responsibility in many different ways. Circular economy and renewable energy are preferred at the factory. Recycled gold and silver are used in sustainably produced Kalevala jewelry: 100 percent recycled material in gold jewelry and 95 percent in silver jewelry. The remaining 5 percent of the silver used comes from Nordic mines and the bronze is also partially recycled. All precious metal waste generated in jewelry manufacturing is collected, even down to the metal dust generated during the grinding phase, and cleaned for reuse.

The factory uses renewable energy, and the process water produced in jewelry manufacturing is cleaned before being discharged into the municipal sewer network. Part of the purified water is also recycled back into the production processes. In this way, the factory also takes